What is myMCC?
myMCC is the name of Monroe Community College’s Portal. A portal is a secure online access point to centralized information and MCC web services and systems you already use. myMCC is an internet-based system providing 24/7 access from both on and off campus. Information and services delivered to you within the portal is personalized based upon your role(s) at MCC. Your role within the system could be Employee, Faculty, Student or a combination of all roles. Information presented to you within the portal is accessed by a single sign-on to the portal.

Why is myMCC being implemented at Monroe Community College?
myMCC is a major step in the on-going efforts to improve communication and use technology to deliver college services. myMCC will centralize many independent systems and will make timely, personalized information and services easily accessible through a single sign-on. We will be able to improve communication through campus and personal announcements to specific audiences based on user role (Employee, Faculty, Student). All of this, plus the ability to customize your workspace so that you can quickly find the resources you need/use most often.

How will myMCC affect Monroe Community College's current Web Site (www.monroecc.edu)
Over time, it is anticipated that all internal information/communication pertaining to current MCC employees and currently enrolled MCC students will be re-directed and delivered only through myMCC leaving the MCC web site for external marketing and communications only. The MCC Web Site will remain the main source of communicating to the public, potential students, and the general Monroe County community.

How will myMCC work with MCC's other major computer systems?
Internet Native Banner (INB), Banner Self Service WebFocus and EPrint will be fully integrated within myMCC. You will have Outlook via Web access to your Outlook MCC email and calendar through myMCC as well. You will have the same functionality within these systems and access to these systems as you do now. The only thing that will change is the way you sign into them. myMCC will provide you single sign-on to multiple systems.

When is myMCC available and how long is the time-out for inactivity?
myMCC is unavailable between 12:30am and 3:00am for maintenance. Some channels rely on data from systems that are down for backup and maintenance during the evening. These channels may not be available in myMCC during that time.

How will myMCC be introduced to the College Community?
myMCC will not be delivered to the entire college community at once, rather it will be implemented over time based upon roles. The Employee Role will be implemented first. With success in the Employee roll out, the Faculty and Student Roles will follow.

Can Retirees and Alumni use myMCC?
Not at the present time.

How do I Benefit from Using myMCC?
myMCC will benefit you most by providing easier access to information and improved communication through campus and personal announcements. It will provide quick access to e-mail. One single-sign on will provide centralized access to many of MCCs systems. myMCC can be accessed from any computer on a 24/7 basis with an internet connection. No special software is required.

How Do I Log Into myMCC?
To log into myMCC, you must use a computer with internet access and a current version of a Web browser as outlined below:

Windows Operating System (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape)
Mac Operating Systems (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari)

Launch a web browser and go to the portal by typing mymcc.monroecc.edu in the Address Box

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, you may need to enable "Compatibility Mode" in order to access all of the myMCC content.

What is my myMCC Username and Password?
You will be asked to provide your username and password on the Login page of myMCC. You will enter the same username and password you use to log onto your PC and Outlook (your MCC network user ID and password) and click the Login button.

How can I tell that myMCC is secure? I don't see the lock icon.
myMCC is a secure site. The site uses frames, though. With frames, you can display more than one Web page in the same browser window.

Currently, browsers do not properly display secure certificate information for a portion of a frame set that is secured. Because of this, the security "padlock" will not appear in your browser window. Despite the absence of the "padlock" your data is secure.

How do I find the information I need within myMCC?
myMCC uses Tabs, Channels and Links to deliver information. myMCC is role based so the Tabs of information you see are in direct relation to the role(s) you belong to. Each Tab has columns which contain one or more Channels of information. Content is provided through Channels. A Channel can contain static information or links leading to additional information.

Where can I find more information on how to use myMCC?
There is an online Help System associated with myMCC accessible in the upper right hand corner of the myMCC screen. In addition to online Help, training handouts and video tutorials have been developed on the topics of myMCC Navigation and myMCC Customization. You can schedule a training session or request training handouts pertaining to myMCC by contacting Marie Gibson, ETS Instructional Technologies, extension 3436 or email: mgibson@monroecc.edu. You may also call the ETS Call Center by dialing TECH, extension 8324, select Option 1 from on campus (off campus dial 292-8324)

Why don't my browser's "back" and "forward" buttons work properly in myMCC?
The best way to navigate through myMCC is to use the tabs and the links within myMCC. See the myMCC Navigation Training document for more detail on myMCC Navigation. The "back" and "forward" navigation buttons may not have the desired effect.

Do faculty, staff, and students all see the same view of MYMCC?
No. The content that an individual sees is determined by their role at Monroe Community College (Employee, Faculty, Student or a combination of these roles). Individuals are presented with a different set of tabs and channels containing the default content for their role.

How do I customize myMCC?
You can easily customize myMCC by adding new channels to the the MyStuff Tab or any other Tab available to you within myMCC. You can remove Channels that are not useful to you. Some Channels are permanent on a Tab and cannot be removed. You can also add additional Tabs to myMCC. Refer to the myMCC Customization training document for details on customizing myMCC to meet your needs.

How can I get back to the Default View of a Tab?
Click the Content Layout Link on the upper left of your screen. You will see a link “Revert to Default Layout”. If you click this link you will get one warning stating that you are about to replace the current layout with the default layout. These changes cannot be undone and in most cases will remove all Channels that were not a part of the original default setup. Click Yes if you want to proceed keeping in mind you will lose any customization you have done. Clicking Cancel will not make any changes to current layout.

Can I import bookmarks into MYMCC?
Bookmarks cannot be imported into myMCC at this time. You can, however, work with the Bookmarks Channel on the MyStuff Tab and add any additional bookmarks you would like. Working with the Bookmarks Channel is documented in the myMCC Customization handout.

Can I request that a Channel be added within myMCC?
Channels are "windows" of information presented in myMCC. They vary greatly in layout, design, and content. Yes, you can make a request for a new Channel through the Channel Oversight Committee.

Will the portal affect my access/usage of Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access etc.
No, access and use of those tools will reside outside of the portal, just as they do today. You can connect to your Outlook email and calendar through the portal (Outlook Web Access)

What are Campus and Personal Announcements? Who can send them?
On the Home Tab of myMCC you will see the Campus Announcements and the Personal Announcements Channels. You will receive important information through these Channels. Campus Announcements are directed and the entire College Community (all roles – Faculty, Student, Employee), whereas Personal Announcements are directed at a targeted group of individuals. Not all individuals can send these announcements. Refer to the myMCC Procedures and Guidelines for Targeted Announcements for further information.